hollywood white teethWant to Smile like a Star…….Here’s How!!
Teeth whitening makes you look cleaner, healthier, more rested and younger.

Stains to tooth structure can be internal or external. Smoking, diet, poor oral hygiene and some mouthwashes cause staining on the enamel ….the exterior of teeth. Internal staining is caused by liver disease, Tetracycline antibiotics, excessive intake of fluoride, and normal aging.

The best way to remove staining is to visit a Dental Hygienist for a good Scale and Polishing of your teeth. A general sign of a good Dental Hygienist is her ability to remove all deposits such as staining, plaque, and food deposits that have calcified forming like a cement on your teeth….and being able to remove all this WITHOUT CAUSING ANY PAIN TO THE PATIENT.

Now if need be and the teeth are still a darker shade of yellow, now we can whiten. TEETH WHITENING is the most sought after dental procedure in Europe, USA, Australia and now South Africa.

Once whitened, teeth do not revert to their original colour but top-up bleaches may be needed after a couple of years. It takes two comfortable hours in the Dental rooms, while you watch a movie or catch a nap. When you leave your teeth are white and they carry on whitening till the next day. They stop at a certain shade of white…..usually a little whiter than the whites of the eyes. Anyone with their own natural teeth can have their teeth whitened and its safe for children. Its often necessary to whiten childrens teeth after they have had orthodontic treatment.

Things that contribute to the staining of teeth are coffee, tea, red wine, curry, beetroot, soya sauce and so on. Whitening Toothpastes cannot whiten teeth. They can only help remove the external staining. When we bleach teeth professionally we bleach from the inside. The Whitening gel used by Dental Hygienists is placed on the teeth and goes through the enamel intersticially and whitens the dentine which is the yellow part of the teeth. Teeth appear whiter because the teeth have been bleached from the inside out. Its exactly like bleaching hair, except hair grows out…..teeth do not. Your teeth remain white for a few years and whitening teeth can be done as often as desired without doing any harm at all to the tooth structure…. But they do stop at a certain whiteness …… they dont just carry on whitening.

So no harm done, give it a try and see how much more you smile….. and the world will smile with you.