fresh breathOver 50% of the Worlds population suffer from bad breath. It can affect your lifestyle, and people are too polite to
mention the oral malodour. Oral malodour by definition includes foul smells originating from the oral cavity and nasal cavity.

The intensity of the bad smell usually increases with the severity of gum disease and the increased presence of blood.
In other words, if you have a bad taste in your mouth, or if your gums bleed when you brush, DO NOT IGNORE THIS!!

Usually even your close family will not mention it but a professional can tell, and a good cleaning of your mouth can reverse this problem. So its important to see us regularly for a good Scaling/Polishing. Basic home care is also vitally important. Brush your teeth twice a day and do not forget your tongue. Use a soft brush and do not scrub.
Remember flossing! Only floss those teeth you do not want to lose! Dont think bad breath comes as a consequence of growing old. It doesn’t! It comes from poor oral hygiene, smoking and bad eating habits.

Research shows that only certain treatments alleviate this problem and a full mouth debridement/cleaning in one visit to a dental hygienist WORKS!!

We can determine if you have or haven’t bad breath and we can help.