child getting his teeth professionally cleanedTell your Dental Hygienist if there is anything worrying you in your mouth. Tell her about any temporary or chronic medical conditions. If you are pregnant or diabetic for example, your gums may bleed more during a routine cleaning. Its important to get the inflamation out ….. the bleeding will stop. And its always good to remember what our Grandmothers taught us about salt water. Rinsing with a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm to hot water heals the gums and stops the bleeding. It also acts as a natural anti-bacterial.

Brushing your gums as well as your teeth also gets rid of the inflamation. When we see bleeding it means we must brush more….not less. But not scrubbing… all times use a soft brush and preferably electric or battery operated. Its just more thorough and it helps prevent over brushing. When brushing, move your hand as if you are writing with a pen….. do not be heavy handed.

Scaling and polishing by a professional is the only way to remove the tartar and plaque deposits that can cause gum disease. A Dental hygienist uses instruments that do what a toothbrush cannot do. Polishing removes stains and makes the teeth smooth. Bacteria cannot adhere to a smooth surface. Flossing is really important and its always a good thing to leave the floss somewhere where you will see it and pick it up and floss. Leave it next to your bed, or in your car, or on the table next to the TV. You dont need to floss at a basin and if you leave it in the bathroom no one will floss. Floss anytime of the day but do it at least once. If you forget one day then floss the next day……..believe me when I say that by not flossing… is the biggest contributor to a bad taste in the mouth and believe me if there is a bad taste…..automatically there is a bad smell. By regular flossing, brushing and visits to a dental hygienist you will have sweet breath…..and a kissable mouth.