teeth whitening johannesburgBetta Smile is dedicated to promoting healthy and beautiful teeth. We are equipped with the latest technology and we have extremely capable, highly qualified, Dental Specialists providing World Class Dentistry.

Todays dentistry is not only about dental care – it is also about lifestyle, beauty, and overall wellness. Having a beautiful smile makes you feel confident and attractive and impacts on how others perceive you. Its such an important asset, personally and professionally. Good dentistry can boost your confidence and self-esteem and can be life-changing. We offer procedures that provide you with a gorgeous, natural, and natural-looking smile and at affordable prices. We accept most medical aids and send the billing directly to them. We believe strongly in PREVENTION as being the best treatment, and at all times we climb the least invasive ladder to achieve all this. We focus on preventative dentistry and detect problems and restore teeth to good health before they become diseased.

It is my belief that INTEGRITY is the key to success.  Listen to the needs of those you serve.  By doing this you develop a trusting relationship with those who come to you.  Our HUMAN HEALTH is far more important than DENTAL HEALTH. We are here to help people……not just patients.  Mental health is as important as Dental health. Help people.  DISEASE is when they are NOT AT EASE.  Their state of well being is a mental and physical thing.  TEETH are multi functional organisms.  A persons whole well being is compromised when their teeth are dysfunctional.  A million words are indicated by the expression of lips and teeth.  Our lips and teeth are communicators.  Healthy looking teeth boost your confidence…..makes you look healthy and approachable.  We have the power to CHANGE THE WORLD ONE SMILE AT A TIME.  This is my aim and my contribution to the world I live in.